Equine & Canine Massage

Equine & Canine Massage and Physical Therapy - South Lincolnshire and Peterborough 



Hi, I’m Kate Vickers and I’m an Merishia massage therapist working within the South Lincolnshire and Peterborough area.

Horses and dogs are athletes and so suffer from muscular aches and pains just like their owners and riders do. A Merishia massage may help to:-

  • Ease stiffness and tight joints
  • Ease compensations and tension in older animals
  • Aid performance, flexibility and range of movement
  • Enhance and maintain general well-being
  • Can helping with recovery or rehabilitation
  •  Aid relaxation
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Desensitise animals
  • Bring awareness to areas of the body

As a Merishia massage therapist I will work with the body-language of the animal to guide me in the techniques used.

I offer Merishia deep tissue massage sessions to a variety of different horses, ponies and dogs. During a session I will use a variety of gentle techniques to facilitate both superficial and deep release of tension.

To further enhance the effects of the massage techniques and to aid improvements in performance and flexibility, I apply specific gentle mobilisation techniques. Additionally I can also offer red light therapy where appropriate to assist with inflammatory conditions.

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