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Quotes Harry is young and hasn't done a lot, even trotting looked a big effort for him and he would swing his front feet out to the sides as it was obviously easier to do that than lift his body further off the ground. Since Harry has had the stretches done by Kate, and then followed by our home work, I have really noticed the difference in his trot and walk gaits, he now keeps his feet much more in line with his body and after a few stretches he seems more supple. I will do some of the stretches still and think we need to do more with Kate to help his canter and self carriage. Quotes
Debbie Cripps

Quotes Had a lovely schooling session on Tammy this morning - it is the first time I have schooled her since her massage last week and I have to say she felt fab and produced some really forward, soft, round, responsive work - thank you Kate Vickers for her massage! x Quotes
Claire Burrow
Inspired Equestrian Solutions

Quotes Thank you Kate for coming out to see Flora. I was impressed how thorough your treatment was - from top to tail - and how you were able to interpret her body language throughout the massage to find her problem areas. Her issue with the trembling foreleg after riding seems to have gone now and she is certainly less tense overall. You are a lovely, calm and professional person and I would highly recommend you. Quotes
Jo Moss - Spectrum Stud

Quotes I rode him at the weekend and noticed he was stepping out more on his hack rather than dawdling, I would say he. Felt the same in trot, and I haven't tried cantering him yet. He was also schooled on Wednesday by the girl at the yard and she said he was very very good and schooled well and jumped also. I think he really enjoyed his massage, all the licking and chewing certainly made it look like he was enjoying it Quotes
Melissa Phillips

Quotes "Kate did stretching exercises on Fergus and at first he did what he always does when someone other than me picks up his near hind - snatches it back. He got very sensitive to this after a bad experience from a farrier and it's taken ages to get current farrier to be able to trim that hoof without a battle. Kate's usual calm and gentle but firm approach soon had him submitting to the stretches and we worked on it for a few sessions. This has been a breakthrough for me and when Nikki came for his regular chiropractor back check, she commented how much better he was at letting her do her job! I'm really pleased that Kate did this, sorry that as a case study Fergus doesn't present many issues, but as a mental issue, I'm pleased we've sorted this one! Thank again Kate!" Quotes
Sue Cuthbert

Quotes Thank you for giving Forbes a massage. I had my lesson today and he went so well definitely feeling more relaxed and bending better to the right. Quotes
Annelie Matts
Owner - Millgate Farm

Quotes Thanks for doing Ruby. I think she's moving a lot better this morning, watched her trotting in the field and she looks a lot looser. Many Thanks Quotes
Julie Cooper
BHSAI and Int SM

Quotes Kate Vickers is very very good highly recommend Quotes
Tracey Wilson

Quotes Kate worked wonders with her equine massage on both my horses and will DEFINATLY be having them done again Quotes
Mrs Kim Smith
Horse Owner